What is your net worth?

Your net worth is a question of the actual monetary value of your wealth if you add up everything you own and everything you owe. There is a dollars-and-cents answer, but similar to the deeper metaphysical kind of question, calculating your net worth is a life-long quest. How much money you have when you enter the workforce obviously changes over time, as does your net worth.

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Average credit scores by age

Have you reviewed your credit report lately? You should ? it?s definitely a smart thing to do. More than ever, Americans are actively aware of their credit history and the impact their financial efforts are making in building their credit history.

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8 Quick money tips for your 20s

Truth is, you are. This is what finances are in your 20s: getting used to having and handling money. You likely feel a sense of "look at me go" because you are doing just fine on your own.... Learning the lessons of financial literacy that they didn't teach in school, creating (and managing) a budget, opening your first 401k, or enrolling in insurance are all brand new experiences in your 20s. Adults sometimes act like they have all the answers ? they don't. Real adults look for answers, even if it's a Google search.

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A word from the president - James Kerndt

James Kerndt speaks about the history of Kerndt Brothers Savings and addresses the recent bank closures.

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Building Iowa

since 1856