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Just as the ATM is about to dispense your cash, you see it. It’s that dreaded question: There is a $3.00 fee for using this machine. Would you like to proceed?

Frustrated, you push “yes,” because you’re in a rush and you need the money. Three dollars is a lot to throw away for convenience. And if you’re just getting $10 out, that’s an astronomical mark up. If you often use machines while traveling, how many times have you agreed to these steep service fees?

At Kerndt Brothers Bank, our goal is to save you money and stress. That’s why we provide Privileged Status to all our customers.

With Privileged Status, you have immediate access to a large number of surcharge-free ATM’s. Through the SHAZAM network, we’re able to offer you free use at ATM’s for many other community financial institutions. Whether you use one of our ATM’s or another bank’s ATM, your transactions are always free.

It’s easy to find out which ATM’s are in our network. Simply look for the Privileged Status logo. You can also check out the SHAZAM website to see a directory of all the Privileged Status ATM’s.


Since 1856, we’ve protected the interests and assets of Iowans. This program is just another way we maintain our commitment to you.

So if you’re ready to say goodbye to high ATM surcharges and fees, say hello to Privileged Status at Kerndt Brothers Bank.

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