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Back in 1856, farmers left their hard-earned money in a big iron safe at the back of the Kerndt Brothers General Store. When they needed the money, they’d travel by horse to retrieve it.

Even after we founded five branch locations throughout Iowa—in Lansing, Cedar Rapids, Clermont, Harpers Ferry, and West Union—our customers still had to drive to the bank whenever they wanted to make a deposit, apply for a loan, or cash a check.

As the old saying goes, we’ve come a long way, baby.

Today—nearly 160 years after Kerndt Brothers Bank began safeguarding people’s money—customers like you don’t have to leave home or the office at all. You can do all your banking via computer, tablet, or cell phone.

Advancements in technology have made it more convenient, more secure, and more cost effective for banking to move online.

Check out our recent blog for more information about commercial banking. You’ll discover you can accomplish nearly all your business banking needs online, including:

But what about check payments? If many of your customers still pay by check, you’re probably making daily trips to the bank for deposits. That’s why Kerndt Brothers Bank is pleased to add a new convenience feature to our commercial banking portfolio: the Panini Remote Deposit Capture check scanner.

Smaller than a toaster or an office phone, the Panini machine scans checks directly into your business banking account. Kerndt Brothers Bank provides these machines to our commercial clients for a small monthly fee. Using the machine is a snap. You can process a handful of checks in mere minutes. And imagine the time and stress you’ll save by not having to drive to and from the bank in wintery Iowa weather.

Business banking technologies—like the Panini—are not only convenient for you, but also save both you and Kerndt Brothers Bank money in the long run.

As online banking expands, Kerndt Brothers Bank doesn’t need to continue expanding our physical presence. We save on land, building costs and building maintenance, all while providing the same outstanding customer service you’ve come to expect.

Speak with any of our experienced team members in Eastern Iowa about all our convenient commercial banking services. We look forward to serving Eastern Iowa for another 160 years.

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