Biggest Money Wasters In Your Business

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Its common knowledge that Iowa businesses are smart with their money and implement fiscally smart practices. Kerndt Brothers would like to assist you in making these responsible choices by highlighting common money wasting practices employed by businesses, allowing you to identify and avoid them. Take a minute to read through the following list; even if… Read more »

20 Cost Saving Ideas For Your Business

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Managing your business is challenging regardless the size. Because of the various roles you’re responsible for, there are areas that are inevitably overlooked. We hope the following tips will inspire you to assess your current practices, and possibly implement any or all of these ideas which will continue to strengthen your business and your bottom line. The… Read more »

Donald Trump’s Impact on Mortgage Rates

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On Tuesday, November 8, voters chose Donald Trump to be their President of the United States. Throughout his campaign, he stressed that the Dodd-Frank Act has made it impossible for bankers to properly do their jobs. Trump argued that under the Dodd-Frank ACT, the regulators run the banks. In October, he told The Hill: “The… Read more »

What You Need To Know About Home Equity Loans

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Home is where the heart is. It’s also a source of potential borrowing power. Perhaps you wish to renovate your home. Maybe one of your children is leaving for college. Possibly you’ve racked up a great deal of debt. Or maybe there’s just too much month left at the end of your paycheck. Whatever your… Read more »


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A safer, easier and faster mobile solution! To report a lost or stolen debit/ATM card, please call 800-383-8000. With the SHAZAM® BOLT$™ mobile app you’ll enjoy the convenience of mobile and the flexibility to manage your accounts wherever the road takes you. The app is enhanced with person-to-person (P2P) money transfers and an ATM location… Read more »

Withdraw Your Money Surcharge-Free

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Just as the ATM is about to dispense your cash, you see it. It’s that dreaded question: There is a $3.00 fee for using this machine. Would you like to proceed? Frustrated, you push “yes,” because you’re in a rush and you need the money. Three dollars is a lot to throw away for convenience…. Read more »

Five Strategies to Build Business Credit

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Building good credit for your small business is much like building your reputation. You want to be in good standing in the community and have access to resources that will help grow your business. Yet nearly 45 percent of small-business owners like you get turned down for loans because of low credit scores, according to… Read more »

When Short Term Lending Makes Sense to Grow Your Business

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“Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion.” — Tony Hsieh As a small business owner, you’re doing what you love. But everyone needs a little help now and again. That’s where short-term loans can make sense for businesses. You pursue your passion. Let Kerndt Brothers Bank provide the financing. We’ve been helping companies… Read more »