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Small Business Tips

1. Create a Business Plan and Goals

Create a plan that states what you want for your business, what you don’t want, and how you will achieve it. Choose a format that works best for your business. Often, business plans focus 3-5 years in the future and outline the direction a company will take to grow business and revenue. Include a mission statement and set of goals in your business plan to keep employees and executives inspired and motivated.

2. Smart Banking

Choosing the right bank to handle your business assets and finances is extremely important for the growth of any company. The services below, offered by Kerndt Brothers Bank, ease the banking process for small and large businesses alike and make saving simple.

Checking and Savings Kerndt Brothers Bank offers many different checking and savings accounts for small businesses. From basic checking to large balance saving accounts, choosing the right account for your business is important in ensuring your money is being saved and used wisely. Learn more about different types of accounts available to small businesses at Kerndt Brothers Bank.

Types of Banking Banking online or over the phone makes transactions and deposits easier than ever. Online banking allows businesses to monitor accounts, transfer money, and bank from anywhere with an internet connection at any time of the day.

Convenient Services Speaking of easier than ever, Kerndt Brothers Bank offers services to make banking more simple and convenient. Services such as online statements and phone banking ease the banking process and takes wasteful paper out of banking. Kerndt Brothers Bank also offers convenience services including automatic and wire transfers, ATM/debit cards, and safety deposit boxes.

Small Business Loans Starting a business is pricey. Low interest loans are important for any start-up business or company looking to expand. Kerndt Brothers Bank offers a variety of commercial loans to help you get started building business.

3. Creative/Inexpensive Marketing

As a small business, expensive marketing and promotion tactics are often an afterthought. Investing time in creative marketing tactics that won’t break the bank is a great way to gain brand or service exposure. Social media, for example, is free, and a great way to engage customers and build a reputation online.

4. Research and Government Grants

For certain companies, research and government grants exist to help build business and expand. The government also offers many different grants in areas such as transportation, agriculture, science, and health care. To learn more about these grants and to see if your company qualifies visit the U.S. Small Business Administration.

5. Create Community and Be Personable

Customers engage well with companies that make them feel like a part of a community. Attending and hosting community focused events will help your business build a network and give a human presence to the company. Social media is also a great way to give your company a personal, human like feel.

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